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Established 1936. Colorado USA

Summer Produce

Vine-ripened, organic produce is picked within 24 hours of delivery. Usually, members receive 10 to 60 pounds of seasonal produce each week from mid-June through mid-October. Produce is delivered once a week to distribution centers. Members pick up their produce at one of a variety of locations. We have provided you with a price comparison of organic produce prices for Monroe Organic Farms and local grocers.

Monroe Organic Farms summer produce includes:

*Asparagus and Strawberries are "You Pick" item for members only.

The size of summer packages are Full, Half, and Single Shares. Details and prices for the summer membership are available on the Sign-Up Form.

Size Description
Full Could feed three adults on a vegetarian diet or a family up to six on a mixed diet.
Half Could feed two adults on a vegetarian diet or a family up to four on a mixed diet.
Single Could feed one adult on a vegetarian diet or up to two on a mixed diet.

Note: One household is allowed per membership. A membership is not to be shared or divided among households, is non-transferable, and is not for resale.

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