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Healthy Harvest Olive Oil

   I have been using an olive oil from Greece that I feel has transformed my meals and I would like to share it with you.  We are very picky about any new items we offer in our membership.  But this item enhances the very meals I serve and compliments our produce.   Healthy Harvest olive oil is made from olives handpicked by small farmers and cold pressed at a co-op in Sparta, Greece.  The oil is bottled locally in the Metro area.  It has a light, buttery flavor and safe to cook with up to 350 degrees.  It is backed by a lifetime guarantee not to go rancid.  Sadly, most olive oil is adulterated with cheaper, refined oils.  This Golden based small family owned business has visited the press in Greece to verify its authenticity and to ensure you are getting 100 percent cold expressed olive oil.  Unfortunately, they are not certified organic because of the number of farmers involved and the cost of certifying.  But they reassure Healthy Harvest (the Golden based company) they use organic practices.

The olive oil will be available monthly, bi-monthly or once during the summer.  Additional information about prices is available on the Price List.

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