Free-Range Lamb

After several years of researching sheep breeds for our semi-arid climate, we have found a breed we are very excited about! We have decided to raise an African breed called a Dorper. It is raised specifically for meet production and sheds its coat every spring. The lamb is known for its excellent quality and texture as well as its mild flavor. This particular breed thrives on pastures in the harshest of arid climates. We believe it will fit in perfectly in our program! It is a beautiful animal with a really nice body structure, normally pure white with either a white head or a black head. They appear to be very friendly and inquisitive.

They tend to be good mothers and keep their lambs a little longer than the standard ewes around Colorado.  A special pasture has been grown just for them. They will have a llama to protect and keep them company.

Cuts of meat will include blade roast or chops, shoulder chops, leg of lamb (roast) or steaks, loin chops, riblets, neck bones, ground lamb and a shank. Take home will be approximately 55 pounds for a whole lamb. There will be an additional $90 cost for processing a whole lamb that you will pay to Valley Packing.

The deposit is due at the time of your order. The remainder can be paid in installments, but must be paid in full by August 1st for fall lamb.  (Processing is not included in our price)

Monroe Farm, llc