Monroe Organic Farms llc.

25525 WCR 48
Kersey, CO 80644


Established 1936. Colorado USA


Clark's Honey Farm is a small family-owned business that takes great pride in providing pure, raw, and unfiltered honey. They have about 1,000 colonies around Eastern Colorado, including several colonies on our farm!

Clark's honey will provide all the nutrients, pollens, and enzymes the bees have placed in it. By consuming this local honey, your body might eventually develop an immunity to local pollens that you may currently be allergic to.

Price Comparison

Size Monroe Organic Farms' Price Other Markets' Price
Pint $6.50 Vitamin Cottage/
Whole Foods:
$5.79 to $5.99
Quart $12.00 Vitamin Cottage/
Whole Foods:
$9.99 to $10.79
Half Gallon $22.00 Vitamin Cottage/
Whole Foods:
Gallon $43.50 Whole Foods:
5 Gallon $195.00 Whole Foods:
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