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CSA Farming Facts

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What does all of this mean for farming?

The current trends in farming include loss of agricultural land, water shortage, and the retirement of farmers. In addition, small farms are being bought by corporations that control large and ever increasing amounts of agricultural land.

What does all of this mean for farming in Colorado? *

Loss of Agricultural Land

2,400,600 new residents will move into the Front Range communities by 2030, and it is anticipated that 133,000 to 226,000 acres of farmland will be lost by 2030.

Water Shortage

80% of all household water is attained through snow melt-off, the same source used by farms. Thus, 80% of the water for the 2,400,000 new residents competes with water for farms.

The Denver Metro water plan for the next 13 to 25 years includes:

What will farming be like in fifty years?

"Get Out or Get Big!"

Currently only 9% of our farms and 28% of all sales are corporate-run farms. Farming economists predict that there will be less than 400 farmers within the next 13 to 25 years. These farmers will work on mega farms of 30,000 acres or more. Already there is a corporation that produces potatoes in 26 states on 43,000 acres.

Foreign Farming

Economists predict that most of our food will be imported from other countries within 20 to 30 years. As of 2006, 64% of your vegetables, year round, are imported from outside the U.S. Chemicals that are banned in this country are allowed to be used abroad; they are not regulated.

This scares me. Especially when these fruits and vegetables make their way to America's dinner table!

Is there a way to support small farms in America?


It is called Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). When consumers directly support a small farm, there is a better chance the farm will survive. Small farmers will be able to make a decent wage for their work.

*Figures are obtained from the Colorado Department of Agriculture and were last updated in 2012. The next update will occur winter 2017.

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