Distribution Center Pictures

Pictures of produce at a distribution center on August 15, 2017.  Late summer is what we all look forward to — a great harvest.

Comment about DIRT:  Yes, plants grow in dirt and you will find some of this wonderful substance on your vegetables.

You may wonder why the farm does not wash the vegetables.  The answer is simple:  to maintain shelf-life as long as possible.  Moisture promotes bacterial growth and spoilage.  So, anticipate a little dirt and plan to wash your produce just before using.

A rectangular plastic basin is very handy to transport your bag of vegetables so any dirt or sand will land there rather than in your car or on your kitchen counter.  It’s also great to put in the sink to clean the vegetables so dirt or sand does not build up in the drain.  Instead, put the wash water on your lawn.

Because of the rough texture of the rind on melons (like cantaloupe) it’s a good practice to clean them with warm water and a brush.

Grocery stores often sell produce which has been washed and waxed.  Wax is prohibited if the produce is ORGANIC.  Monroe Farms does not wax produce.   It’s true waxing vegetables makes them last longer, but who wants to eat wax?