Free-Range Beef

Steers graze on certified organic pastures supplemented with certified organic produce from our farm during the summer. Besides their open pastures, we raise alfalfa for feed in the winter and supplement with some grain.  They are ready for processing by late November, December and/or January.

Each quarter of a steer produces approximately 125 pounds of meat. A side of beef is a double order. An order is divided (one third each) into:

  • Hamburger
  • Steaks
  • Roasts and other cuts

Approximate cuts of meat per quarter (double the approximations for a side) are:

Steaks Roasts Other Optional
6-8 T-bone
5-7 rib eye
2-3 sirloin
3-4 sirloin tip
1-2 filet mignon
3-4 tenderized round
1 London broil or flank
3 chuck
1 pot
1 rump
1 English
10 pounds hamburger patties (optional)
15 one-pound packages hamburger
2-3 packages stew meat
2 packages short ribs
2 packages soup bones

Due to refrigeration needs, beef is not delivered by Monroe Farm to distribution centers. Monroe Organic Farms will raise a steer for you and deliver it to the processor. Members pick up their processed beef at Valley Packing in LaSalle, Colorado off of US 85.

A deposit is due at the time of your order.  The remainder can be paid in installments, but must be paid in full by November 1st for beef available in Winter. (Processing is not included in our price)

A processing fee is charged by Valley Packing of LaSalle. The processing fee fluctuates depending on the weight of the steer. Valley Packing charges $0.75 per pound for processing (price is subject to change). The processing fee is due and payable when you pick up your order.

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