CSA Shares


You can request shares of our farm products electronically using our sign-up form.  However, the telephone works just fine as well.  Call Jacquie (see below) at 970-284-7941 if you have questions or simply want to sign up.

We have two important rules:

  1. Produce is not to be shared or divided among households, is non-transferable and is not for resale.
  2. None of our deposits or fees are refundable.

Most of our products are available in the summer (summer share), but we also provide distributions of products stored in haybale sheds and dug-outs well into winter (winter share).

Summer shares (both non-working and working) require a summer produce membership fee due at sign-up. The membership fee helps with the cost of seeds and planting.  The harvest share prices listed are in addition to the membership fee and help with the watering, weeding and harvesting and are paid in two equal installments on July 15 and September 1 (or all at once with the membership fee).

Some members sign-up to do farm work (working shares) in exchange for a reduced price for their shares.  So, there are prices listed for non-working shares and working shares.  See the page about working shares for details.

Call Jacquie at the farm at 970-284-7941 to check on current availability at your distribution center of choice or email the farm at Jacquie@monroefarm.com   Please include the following information:

  • your first and last name
  • phone number
  • mailing address
  • preferred distribution location(s)
  • download and fill out the SIGN-UP FORM and the Terms and Conditions which will need to be sent by mail if you don’t use the electronic form.

You may choose as many distribution locations as you wish, but please notate which is your 1st choice, 2nd choice, etc.

If you are contacting us mid to late summer, please call for availability or Wait List options for next summer.  Even if your closest distribution center is full, get on the wait list now for priority sign up for next year!